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About Mocotech GmbH



About Mocotech GmbH

Mocotech GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise headquartered in Rheinberg, Germany and established in 2000. As experts in medium voltage motor controller and power factor correction, we provide as a reliable partner our products and solutions for the individual application of our customers.

Mocotech GmbH stands for innovation, competence, quality and economy. Our core business is the development and production of soft starters, Kordörfer autotransformer starter, switchgears and capacitor banks as well as the installation and commissioning of our products.

Mocotech GmbH is accredited acc. to ISO 9001 and our products meet highest international standards.

Increase your process stability and quality with products and solutions from Mocotech GmbH.

Our Factory in Germany

Organization Chart

Mission, vision and core values

Our principles

Our mission is to provide products and services as part of a comprehensive and economic solution which meet the highest quality standards and the individual application of our customer.

It is our vision to be the partner for your individual application in a globalised world with a fast growing demand for medium voltage motor controller and power factor correction solutions.

Our core values as a family owned business are:

  • Innovativeness
  • Purposefulness
  • Team spirit
  • Entrepreneurial spirit


Certificates and regulations

Never accept less than the highest quality! Based on this corporate philosophy all our products meets highest international standards and Mocotech GmbH is accredited according to ISO 9001.